Faith & I

The ‘Faith & I’ documentary film is the first resource of its kind showing the positive influence of faith in the lives of three young women from the Sikh, Muslim and Jewish traditions. It was produced partly in response to a concern with a rise in anti-Islamic and anti-Semitic offences in 2012. The documentary challenges religious prejudice.

On the 24th of November 2014, ‘Faith & I’ was premiered at the Scottish Storytelling Centre to a packed theatre. Here’s what some of the audience shared on the feedback forms:

‘It was good to see such confident young women, with plenty to say.’

‘Need to get this DVD into Scottish schools and community youth groups.’

‘Excellent project!  Hope many young people will watch it and benefit from it!’

‘Fantastic job!  Well done to everyone! I hope this very good resource will make a difference to school children now and future generations!’

‘We rarely hear directly about faith from young people these days, and it was encouraging and heart-warming that Sehrish, Ekjot and Clare were able to be so articulate about their.  They defied all stereotypes of young people with their well thought-out views, their broad understanding and their awareness of other faiths and world affairs.
We must give huge credit to Nur Sakina Kader, who led the project and must have spent many many hours and had huge patience, and the film-maker, Justine Gordon-Smith. It wa skilfully and compassionately presented and much appreciated by the large audience in the Storytelling Centre. We look forward to a sequel!’

‘I think the video was excellent and very informative…’

‘Excellent starting points for kids to explore further.  Down to earth individual kids expressing thoughts, as human being, excellent, bound to impress other kids.  Different religions but amazing how much they had in common in the way they thought about life.’

‘Loved it.  Very pleased how the camera went into their personal spaces etc and they portrayed it so well.’

‘The relationship developed between the film makers/director/producer and the three young people was of a quality where enabled them to speak confidently and very clearly about themselves and their faith experiences.  They came over as human, full of warm personality and enjoying their lives fully.  This combined very effectively with their being a part of their faith community making lives of faith attractive and purposeful.  We were so fortunate that these three young ladies were willing to participate.  Thank you.  A very good resource for all ages to see.’

Here is the full video, with the option of close captions. For classroom purposes, getting a copy of the DVD would be ideal. The Faith & I DVD is chaptered according to topics discussed. This helps with organising the lesson(s).

You can now get a copy of the ‘Faith & I’ DVD for just £5! Collect a copy from our EIFA office, or we can post it to you (P&P will apply). For more info, kindly please drop us an e-mail at: 

Also, CLICK HERE for your FREE ‘Investigating Religion in Scotland – Faith & I Study Guide’. This guide can be used to accompany group/student viewings. It has already been successfully piloted in a school in Livingston with great response and enthusiasm from the students.

‘Faith & I’ was filmed and directed by Justine Gordon-Smith; produced by Nur Sakina Kader.