Breaking Barriers is a programme of regular meetings between Christian and Muslim youth, where we talk about how our faith informs us on topics of the day, youth concerns, etc., and get a chance to socialize and learn more about each other while we’re at it!

InterFaith Matters is our quarterly magazine, check it out to read more about what we’ve been up to and to see some of the great articles that community members have contributed!

Our Third Party Hate Crimes Reporting site is a great tool for those who may not feel comfortable going directly to the police to report a hate crime.

We run School Sessions to help students learn about different religions directly from practitioners of those religions.

We provide Funeral Cards for people who want to ensure that their religious traditions and rituals are known and respected at the end of their life.

We help coordinate the SFA Multi-Faith Football Initiative, which aims to not only make football accessible to all members of the community, but also to foster a spirit of interfaith cooperation and socialization.  Check out the Diversity Cup for even more fun!

The Edinburgh Women’s Inter-Faith Group has meetings and hosts events and field trips throughout the year for women of faith to learn about, and from, each other.

Faith in Older People is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the spiritual dimension for older people, complementing the physical, mental and social elements in the delivery of quality person-centric care.