Unitarianism is a completely inclusive belief system; at it’s very heart is the concept of religious freedom. Unitarians are so called because they believe in the ‘Unity’ or ‘oneness’ of God, and the Unity of Humankind and Creation.

Openness and inclusivity is a big part of Unitarianism. many would not view Unitarianism as a ‘religion’ per se, as there is no one set of beliefs and a Unitarian may also identify with another belief system. At a Unitarian gathering it is not uncommon to find people who follow the philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism or even Atheism.

The following link features a video from the Scottish parliament of Rev Maud Robinson, minister of Edinburgh’s St Mark’s Unitarian Church, giving the weekly ‘Time for Reflection’ on the 19th March 2013 - http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/newsandmediacentre/31777.aspx