What We Do

bringing people together for the greater good

Our activities include a wide range of events such as public talks; conversation events; seminars; local conferences; meet your neighbour events; roundtable dialogues; film screenings; commemorative and international day events; an annual inter-faith week; an annual lecture; VIP visit programmes; exhibitions; member community support which includes advocacy and community safety matters; evening classes; school events and visits; inter-faith and other diversity sports events; building international and wider U.K. links; organising international conferences; attracting conferences to Scotland; humanitarian activities such as the inter-faith in action projects with Habitat for Humanity’, and participating in international initiatives.

providing expert services

Other services include advice, facilitation, representation, consultancy, mentoring, mediation, publishing, public relations and event management. We also provide the secretariat to the Conference of Edinburgh’s Religious Leaders. Additionally we provide consultancy, training and coaching in diversity and equalities.

building meaningful and beneficial relationships

We have close working relationships with the Scottish Government, City of Edinburgh Council and other local authorities, police and public health services, higher education institutions, schools, equalities and human rights organisations, national (UK and Scotland) and international faith based organisations, a range of local and national bodies in the field of art & culture as well as links with a growing number of other NGO’s.

representing the interests and needs of faith communities

EIFA has strong representation on the Edinburgh Partnership through its Communities of Interest Network (CIOSN), further representation on the City Council’s Bereavement Services Emergency Planning Committee and the Cultural Partnership. We also participate in the NHS Lothian Spiritual Care Committee, The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland ‘Religion’ Group, the Edinburgh Volunteering Strategy Group and the Scottish Governments Working Group on Religion and Belief in Scotland.

contact us: info@eifa.org.uk or call 0131 629 9058